Considering a Wheaten Puppy? 

SCWTCA Buyer Guide  

Wheatens make fabulous companions, and can be a great addition to a family.  They are fun loving and carefree, but also very smart.

Research all you can about Wheatens – there are many great articles at the Soft Coated Wheaten Club of America website – SCWTCA

Be familiar with the care required when owning a Wheaten, everything you read about grooming is true!  It is important to keep the puppies brushed and mat free.

Familiarize yourself with Wheaten health concerns - Please check out Wheaten Health for information on health issues relative to this breed.

Please work with a reputable breeder.  Breeders who are members of the Soft Coated Wheaten Club of America adhere to the clubs Code of Ethics in their breeding program.  (SCWTCA Breeders) Sound health and temperament are at the top of the list for these breeders.

My Philosophies

I have a small breeding program, breeding no more than one litter per year or less.  I am a member in good standing with the Soft Coated Wheaten Club of America.  Because of my love for the breed, I take special care in placing my puppies. 

My goal is to breed healthy, happy puppies.  I take all possible care in the selection of sires, requiring health testing on any potential mate.  I make every effort to meet the sire in person to judge temperament and attitude.

If you are interested in one of my puppies, I require a potential owner questionnaire be completed.  Once I receive a completed questionnaire, you will be placed on my wait list.  Contact me at for a questionnaire.

Guarantees for puppies are typically not made until the puppies are 8 to 9 weeks old.  This is especially true for companion or pet puppies.  Those interested in a show puppy have priority on my list.

I won’t sell my puppies for breeding purposes.  I require a spay/neuter contract be signed for all companion pups or a show contract signed for a potential show puppy.

If you buy one of my puppies, I provide health testing results for both the sire and dam, information on the care of a Wheaten, and other relevant resources.  Additionally, I require an owner to enroll the puppy in obedience or other training as soon as old enough.  I will be available for the life of the puppy as a resource in good times and bad.